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Gas Detection

Fixed Systems

XGard / TXGard / FLAMGard
A variety of fix gas detectors for combustible and toxic gases
IR Max
Advanced IR hydrocarbon detector
Modular control system for gas detectors
Gas Monitor Plus
19inch rack based control system for monitoring
up to 16 gas detectors
Multichannel controller
TXD series
Series of Toxic gases monitors for fix installation
Fixed PID Gas Detector
Permanently mounted (fixed) Photoionization Detector (PID) transmitter
BioGas Monitoring System Wall Mount
The GIR5000 gas landfill monitoring system is a gas analyzer unit for measuring and monitoring the concentrations of oxygen and methane in landfill gas and biogas
HAN Series Display and Alarm Cabinets
Intelligent Gas Detector and Transmitter
LGA Series
Cost effective oxygen deficiency monitor