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Flow, Pressure & Level

Rota meters

Rota Meters for gases and liquids
with table of flow tubes and ranges
Series FR2000 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series FR4000 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series FR In-line Flowmeters
Flow Control Valves
Series FR4500 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series FR4700 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series FR4800 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series FR5500 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series FR5000 Acrylic Flowmeters
Series GD Glass Tube Flowmeters
Direct reading for different flow ranges of based gases
Series GR Glass Tube Flowmeters
Series GS Glass Tube Flowmeters
Series GS-L Glass Tube Flowmeters
Series GS-M Glass Tube Flowmeters
Series FR6000 Oxygen & Air Meters
Oxygen Flowmeter Manifold System
Series MR3000 Flowmeters
Molded of high-impact resistant polycarbonate
Pocket Flowmeters
made from Glass
Series PR Water Flowmeters
working on principle Pitot tube
model P single flow tube meters
mulitple flow tube PTFE meters
model Tx
model V brass or stainless steel medium range
model M single flow tube rotameter
for industrial flow measurement
model F in line PTFE flow meters
model L PTFE-PFA flow meters