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Air Pollution / Emission Monitoring

Air Pollution Monitors

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry
on PPT levels
Frog 5000
Portable Gas Chromatograph for VOC's
The smallest portable GC, only 2.2Kg
BTEX at ppb levels
Miniature GC for VOC's in Air
for Laboratory or Vehicle
Transportable/Fixed Continuance Pollution Monitor
Particles air sampler
PM10 and PM2.5 Sequential sampler
Portable Instrument for Measuring Mercury in Air
Direct reading mercury vapor meter
Measuring ranges 0-100 / 0-1000 / 0-2000 g/m
High resolution 0.0001 mg/m
Data logger integrated
Automatic Monitoring of Mercury in Air
Monitors 2 to 24
Measuring Points Automatically
Ranges from 0.01 g/m
to 2000 g/m Hg
Automatic Calibration Module
Software for Data Acquisition,
Data Visualisation and Storage