Digital MCA
  • Single and Dual 32k Digital MCA & Pulse Processor
  • Fully supported by Quantus High Performance Quantitative Spectrometry Software
  • Provides Pulse Height Analysis (PHA with MSS* and coinc/antocoinc), Time-stamped Lists and Multichannel Scaling (MCS*) modes.
  • Ideally suited for high resolution spectroscopy applications utilizing HPGe, CZT, Silicon, and scintillation detectors such as NaI and LaBr3
  • Supports Resistive Feedback and Transistor Reset preamplifiers as well as PMT anode signals
  • On-board SSD memory supports List and Spectrum data storage capability (up to 200,000+ spectra).
  • Web interface for quick retrieval of board details, firmware upgrading, and output data file browsing.

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