Rapid Response Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Rack Mount)
  • Measures from 100% to less than 1ppm
  • Rapid response time of less than 5s for 90% change
  • Fully auto ranging
  • Programmable alarms and analogue outputThe Z130 rapid response zirconia oxygen analyzer is fully auto ranging from percentage levels to a fractions of parts per million (ppm) in clean gases. Packaged on a 19” rack mounting enclosure, it uses a long life zirconia oxygen sensor to provide accurate measurement with minimal interference from other gases. The unique cell and heater design gives very fast warm-up times, rapid response times of less than 5s for 90% change. A wide choice of sampling options is provided to produce virtually ‘custom-built’ systems.A large multi-digit auto-ranging LCD is used to display measured concentrations and the user adjustable parameters in configuration mode.Two alarm channels each provide one set of volt-free changeover contacts. They can be user- configured to any concentration within the span of the instrument, as well as function (high, low or off) and hysteresis. A choice of two analogue outputs is provided, 0 to 5V or 4 to 20mA, each with several pre-set ranges.The standard sampling system is a simple needle valve and flow meter. Standard options provide alternatives to cover a wide variety of applications. We also supply a range of sample conditioning accessories to cater for most sample sources.

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